Eat The Dutch Weed Burger like you give a damn


When you are hearing the name for the first time, you wanna Immediately want to know more; The Dutch Weed Burger. Yes it’s made of dutch weed. Seaweed. Read more…

24 Oct

How to make it in America


Entrepreneurship is having courage. In How to Make It in America we are following two boys with a small idea, trying to change the world. Usually entrepreneurship not about the amount of money. It often is about the idea that people can bring their own idea to implementation. Read more…

14 Oct

A great way to get a perfect posture effortlessly


Pain in my back, I had for quite some time. Once a week to the gym to train my muscles helped a little bit but it didn’t solve the pain. When I was browsing the most succesful kickstarter projects I stumbled upon the BetterBack project. Read more…

12 Oct

Before The Flood is the most important issue of our time

GREENBELT, MD.- Leonardo Interview with Piers Sellers at NASA.

For two years, Leonardo DiCaprio has criss-crossed the planet in his role as UN messenger of Peace on Climate Change. This film, executive produced by Brett Ratner and Martin Scorsese, follows that journey to find both the crisis points and the solutions to this existential threat to human species. 
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All rights reserved.

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of those big names who has understood the most important issue of our time; Climate Change. He made the documentary Before The Flood. Read more…

10 Oct

What’s really going on with your food in Huang’s world


The human panda travels the world celebrating culture by tasting the local food. During his travels he meets locals who are telling about their food. All in company of his funny fashion and big mouth filled with his favorite food. Read more…

8 Sep

How we should use the Seeds of Permaculture


Lately I’m a little confused by the choices people make. Choosing always for the cheapest and maximize profits. Everything in service of what the capitalist market demands and to supposedly keep the economy running. We forget where we come from,our nature. Cheap is always expensive when you are not considering carefully where anything comes from and where it goes to. Why don’t we use permaculture all along? Read more…

5 Sep

An Idiot Abroad is the biggest practical joke created by Ricky Gervais


These days people like to travel the world of tourist traps. In search of themselves they find home is the best place to be. Karl Pilkington is the guy who reflects on this fact in the comedy and travel documentary An Idiot Abroad. Read more…

2 Feb

Why Props Matter


Props come in many shapes and sizes. They can be large. Or small. Or really small. They can be weapons, knives, food, drinks, personal possessions, weapons, drugs, sporting equipment, musical instruments, did I mention weapons… Read more…

27 Jan

The film that environmental organizations don’t want you to see


It has bin a long time I saw a documentary which changed my mind. Cowspiracy is one of those documentary’s which gave me new insights. Read more…

25 Jan